Cleansing Cloths

For freshness anytime, try New Simply Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths. They are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol and parabens–so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body. Infused with botanical extracts to cater to your most intimate parts, our Cleansing Cloths work with a woman’s body to help maintain a natural pH. The de-light-fully scented cloths are perfect for when you don’t have time for a shower, but could use a little touch-up. Keep them handy, for freshness anytime.

  • Free from harsh ingredients
  • Helps maintain a natural pH
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria

Plus, Simply Summer's Eve Gentle Cleansing Cloths are:

  • Gynecologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for everyday use
Available in:
  • Mandarin Blossom - 14 ct. individually wrapped and 24 ct. softpack
  • Coconut Water - 14 ct. individually wrapped and 24 ct. softpack
How are the Simply Summer's Eve products different than the regular Summer’s Eve® products?
Available in nature-inspired scents, New Simply Summer's Eve products are infused with botanical extracts to cater to your most intimate parts. Plus, we’ve introduced a fun new form! You can now pump up your freshness with New Simply Summer's Eve Gentle Foaming Wash, which instantly lathers to a rich, ultra-soft foam that rinses away clean. Of course, just like all Summer’s Eve® products, New Simply Summer's Eve feminine cleansers and cloths are free from alcohol, formaldehyde and harsh chemicals, and they are gentle enough for everyday use.
What is the role of "lactic acid" in Simply Summer's Eve products?
Great question! Lactic acid balances the pH of the Simply Summer's Eve products to ensure that they work in harmony with the natural pH of your most intimate parts. Perhaps even more interesting, lactic acid is what your body naturally produces to balance pH in the feminine area, too.
What botanicals are in the Simply Summer's Eve products?
The short answer: several! The long answer: the botanical extracts infused into the Simply Summer’s Eve line-up vary by product and are harmonized with the fragrance. For a complete list, please see the ingredients section of the label.
Are the Simply Summer's Eve products tested by gynecologists?
Yes, of course! All Summer’s Eve® products, including the Simply Summer's Eve line-up, are clinically tested by gynecologists. In fact, many gynecologists stock the Simply Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths Coconut Water in their exam rooms for post-exam clean-up!

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